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01. High Priestess

02. Fire

03. Missouri Limestone

04. Lindenlure

05. Water Through Your Hands

06. Someone Else’s Problem

07. Take Him Home

08 Rules

09. I Need A Man

10. Pride

11. Dem Boys

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“Rootsy, Bluesy and filled with Soul..”

“Another beautifully crafted musical work from Ingrid Gerdes..”

“Gerdes is a powerhouse vocalist and a skilled songwriter. Her abilities really shine on “High Priestess.”

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3/24/19 Blues At The Beehive

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Washington, Connecticut: Private Party

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"With just a single listen you'll know that Ingrid Gerdes is spell caster. The new album “High Priestess”, from the start, is ear ecstasy. Ingrid's soul rich vocals are confident, sassy and strikes with definite deep emotion. It's Goose Bump Raising, Head Bobbing Blues at it's purist. “High Priestess” is a slow roll from down in the Delta, up to the North Hills of Mississippi to the Smokey Blues Halls on Beale Street ... Cleve Baker - Host - Confessing the Blues Radio Network www.confessingtheblues.info"
"It's so exciting to hear a fresh take on soul music. Ingrid Gerdes is an impassioned native of the Ozarks who summons the deep-hearted zeal of Aretha Franklin and Bonnie Bramlett, forged with a bright, modern air that would have given Amy Winehouse a run for her money. Ingrid's new album is one of the best of the year -- a bluesy, uncompromising look at a woman who won't be stopped. She can belt, she can soothe, and she doesn't tell lies. If you didn't think they made music like this anymore, then drop your doubts and get on board." - STEVE MORSE, former staff critic at the Boston Globe
"Ingrid Gerdes is one heluva’ singer! After over a year of hard work and determination Ingrid finally releases the next chapter in her career called "High Priestess," which now raises the bar even higher." This record is very deep, emotional, and even more of a personal record for Ingrid. It has a more “rootsy” feel to it than "Shed, but still has the blues and R&B undercurrents that surface throughout. Ingrid's songs on "High Priestess," dig into her past and bring the listener into places and things in her life she has held onto but has never shared until now with her audience. High Priestess is Ingrid Gerdes coming into her own, taking her music and voice to the next level. Ingrid is the real deal!"- John Guregian, Blues Deluxe Radio Host WUML 91.5FM

Ingrid Gerdes Winner Best Local Band in Boston 2009-CityVoter Boston

...making a major dent in the Beantown music scene"

- Springfield GO Magazine


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