Introducing, “High Priestess!” New Album Available

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Introducing, “High Priestess,” By Ingrid Gerdes!

I am THRILLED to officially release my Third Original Album titled “High Priestess.”


I wanted to create an album that really represented my roots, and I feel so extremely proud to share this music with the world. 

I am also extremely excited to share the first official music video for this album- High Priestess, shot by the amazing Vassili Shields whom I reunited with after our amazing time shooting the music video for “Shed,” on my last album.

“In a way, Ingrid Gerdes’ new album, High Priestess, is a throwback to days when a recording artists approached a new project as a complete package — a song cycle — built around a particular theme. Every track was written and produced and sequenced in a way that would convey a certain emotion or experience for the listener.

Largely a thing of the past in this age of single-song downloads, many artists and producers now concern themselves with recording only songs they believe will sell apart from a collection. They compile songs not necessarily connected to one another that they hope will be popular enough with their fans to sell them online. There’s often no concept or plan. 

Ingrid took an old-school approach to her new release, High Priestess, choosing instead to attempt to create an experience for her fans through a complete collection. Brought together by her unique blues-rock sensibilities, the result feels like summer in the South. It is at times both cool and hot, breezy and still, and imbued with a shot of sass to Gerdes’ hot buttered soul, Dusty-in-Memphis delivery.”

I want to thank the AMAZING musicians who played on this record and who have so much talent. I am endlessly grateful that they shared their skills with me and helped to bring this record to life.

I reunited with some of the crew from my “Shed,” record and enlisted the production and talent of the amazing Milt Reder and Craig Welsch to help produce this album.

I am so excited to announce the cameo appearance of and Garrett Dutton, aka G Love, who delivers harmonica flourishes to two songs, a homage to my roots in “Missouri Limestone,” and “Lindenlure,” about a cabin on the Finley River where many of my most precious memories originated.

Album Credits:

Produced by Ingrid Gerdes, I.L.G Music 
Co-Producers: Craig Welsch, Milt Reder 
Recorded at Rear Window Studio Brookline, MA 
Engineered and Mixed by Craig Welsch 
Mastered by: Kevin Metcalfe 
All Songs written by Ingrid Gerdes 
Copyright Ingrid Gerdes 2014 

Lead and background vocals: Ingrid Gerdes 
Guitar: Milt Reder 
Bass: Brad Hallen 
Drums: Mark Teixeira 
Wurlitzer,Organ, Lap Steel: Aaron Lipp 
Horn Section: Brian Thomas, Mark Berney, Jared Sims 
Harmonica: Garrett “G Love” Dutton 
Organ on “Pride”: Ken Clark 
Percussion: Jamemurrell Stanley 
Group vocals on “Missouri Limestone,” and “Water Through Your Hands”: Julie Jacobsz, James Owens 

CD Design: Andrew Ballagh 
Front cover photography by JJ Miller 
Inside jacket photography by Ingrid Gerdes 
Back cover Photography by Erika Murray



Available for Sale On my Website HERE

Bandcamp HERE


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  1. […] Ingrid Gerdes – High Priestess (self-produced): Gerdes’ music exists in a zone that incorporates a blend of soul, country, and pop with a touch of blues.  Her background includes study in opera, followed by a stint at Berklee College of Music.  This is her third release and she composed all of the material on this disc.  Themes are mostly about relationships and Gerdes’ commitment to making her own way as a woman in charge.  Her bio compares her to Dusty Springfield (think Dusty In Memphis) and that is an apt description.  Musical support is provided by Milt Reder (g, formerly with Barrence Whitfield and Susan Tedeschi), Duke Robillard’s rhythm section: Brad Hallen (b) and Mark Teixeira (d), and Aaron Lipp (organ, lap steel).  Click here for videos of Ingrid Gerdes, including the title song from this disc. […]
    New Blues & Gospel Adds - 10/21/2014 - WTJU. 2014-10-27 18:21:40

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