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Release Date: November, 2010

Boston-based singer-songwriter, Ingrid Gerdes, releases her second original album entitled ‘Shed.’ Gerdes, who was born and raised in southwest Missouri, offers southern soul and effortless approachability throughout her 12-song album. With a strong female perspective and a powerful, sassy delivery, ‘Shed’ is a breakout favorite amongst her many fans.

“This album is really about letting go of
everything, getting it all off of my chest,” says

In creating this album, I wanted to pay homage to soul in its root form as well as experiment with the more modern sounds of soul. I call it ‘Soul two ways!’”

  1. Your Boyfriend Ingrid Gerdes 0:39
  2. Trying To Remember Ingrid Gerdes 0:40
  3. Move Ingrid Gerdes 0:42
  4. Want Me Too Ingrid Gerdes 0:44
  5. His Game Ingrid Gerdes 0:42
  6. Wicked Ingrid Gerdes 0:45
  7. Better Off Ingrid Gerdes 0:46
  8. Shed Ingrid Gerdes 0:42
  9. Can't Take Anymore Ingrid Gerdes 0:43
  10. Other Woman Ingrid Gerdes 0:46
  11. They Always Come Back Ingrid Gerdes 0:40
  12. Your Presence Ingrid Gerdes 0:44
  13. Trying To Remember (Terminal Bytz Remix) Ingrid Gerdes 1:14
  14. Can't Take Anymore (Terminal Bytz Remix) Ingrid Gerdes 1:07

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